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Pyxis Cookie Policy

Last updated June 16, 2021

Thank you for choosing to be part of our community at Pyxis Payment Solutions, Inc. We are committed to protecting your right to privacy, and this policy explains our use of cookies when you visit our website. If you have any questions or concerns about our policy, or our practices with regards to cookies, please contact us at [email protected].

When you visit our website and use our services, you trust us with your personal information. We take your privacy very seriously. In this cookie policy, we explain to you in the clearest way possible what information we collect, how we use it and what rights you have in relation to it. We hope you take some time to read through it carefully, as it is important.

1. What Are Cookies?

Cookies are pieces of information placed on your device when you visit a website. They may involve the transmission of information from us to you and from you directly to us, to another party on our behalf, or to another party in accordance with its privacy policy. We may use cookies to bring together information we collect about you. You can choose to have your device warn you each time a cookie is being sent, or you can choose to turn off all cookies. You can do this through your browser settings. If you turn cookies off, you won’t have access to many features that make your guest experience more efficient, and some of our services will not function properly. Please see the last section of this policy for more information about how to manage or disable browser cookies.

We use several categories of cookies, and each performs different functions. You can learn more about cookies and their functions generally by visiting an information website like

2. What Categories of Cookies May Be Used?

The cookies that may be used on our website fall into the categories described below. These descriptions can help you determine if and how you would like to interact with our website and other online services.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are essential in order to enable you to navigate our website and use certain features. Without these strictly necessary cookies, the online services you have asked for, cannot be provided

Performance Cookies

We (or service providers operating on our behalf) may place our performance cookies on your device. The information collected using our performance cookies is used by us or for our benefit, to improve your website experience or for other statistics gathering purposes.

Our performance cookies are used to generate aggregated, anonymous information about how you and other users use this website and its features. For instance, our performance cookies collect information about which pages on this website you visit most often, if you open or read the communications we send, which advertisements you view or interact with on this website or other websites on which our advertisements appear, and if you receive any error messages. The information collected may be used to improve users’ online experience generally, to collate statistics, or customize your online experience by showing you content we think you will like.  Our performance cookies don’t collect information that identifies you personally, however, if you have an account with us, the information collected by us using our performance cookies may be associated with your account.

We may also allow third-party advertisers to place their performance cookies on your device through their ads on our website. The information these third-party performance cookies collect is used to determine which third-party ads to display on our website, how often to display them, and in which locations of our website the third-party ads perform best. These third-party performance cookies do not collect information that identifies you personally.

You can delete or manage performance cookies as instructed in the last section of this Cookie Policy.

Functionality Cookies

We (or service providers operating on our behalf) may place our functionality cookies on your device. We do not share information collected using our functionality cookies with our advertisers or other third parties.

Our functionality cookies are used to remember choices you make (such as language preference, country location, or other online settings) and provide the personalized or enhanced features that you select. Our functionality cookies can be used to provide online services to you, or to prevent online services from being offered to you if you previously indicated you did not want to receive such services. Our functionality cookies collect anonymous information, however, if you have an account with us, the information collected by us using our functionality cookies may be associated with your account, for example, if you are a registered user, our functionality cookies may allow us to track your browsing across different websites operated by us or to detect your experiences when accessing our website from different devices. We do not collect information on your browsing behavior on websites which we do not operate.

In some cases, we may allow an advertiser or other third party to provide you with content and other online experiences on our website or online service. In these cases, the third-party may place their functionality cookies on your device and use them in the same way we use our functionality cookies, to provide you personalized or enhanced features in connection with the third-party content or experience.

If you delete these functionality cookies, any preferences or settings you selected will not be retained for later visits.

Targeting or Advertising Cookies

Where you see third-party advertising or our advertising, you may be able to click through to learn more about behaviorally targeted advertising, including how to exercise your control options through your browser settings. For California residents, more information can be found at

Flash Cookies

We may use local shared objects, sometimes known as Flash cookies, to store your preferences or display content based upon what you view on our site to personalize your visit. Our advertisers and third-party service providers may also use Flash cookies to collect and store information. Flash cookies are different from browser cookies because of the amount of data, type of data, and how data is stored. Cookie management tools provided by your browser will not remove Flash cookies. Please see the last section of this Cookies Policy for information on how to disable Flash cookies.

If you disable Flash cookies, you won’t have access to many features that make your guest experience more efficient and some of our services will not function properly.

3. Third-Party Targeted Advertising

Third-party targeted advertising cookies may be placed on your device by third-party advertisers, ad networks, data exchanges, marketing analytics and other service providers.

Third-party targeted advertising cookies collect information about your browsing activity across multiple websites and online services in order to provide you with relevant advertisements on our website and online services and the websites and online services of third parties. Ad networks may share this information with the advertisers using their network. These cookies may also be used to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, for example by collecting data on how many people click on a particular advert. The information collected using these third-party advertising cookies does not identify you personally.

Third-party targeted advertising cookies are often linked to site functionality provided by the third-party which may mean that clicking on the advertisement redirects you to that third-party’s website.

While we cannot always know what third-party advertising cookies are being dropped before they appear on our website, we maintain processes to monitor cookies placed on our website by external service providers and to control the way in which data is collected through our website. We can also request that certain third-party advertising cookies are turned off by the third-party provider.

4. Our Targeted Advertising

Our targeted advertising cookies are placed on your device by us (or service providers operating on our behalf).

We may use these cookies on our website and in connection with our content and advertisements that appear on third-party websites and online services to recognize that you’ve viewed or interacted with our content or advertisements and so we can show you advertisements for products that we believe will be of interest to you. We may also use these cookies to limit the number of times you see the same advertisement. Our targeted advertising cookies collect anonymous information; however, if you have an account with us, the information collected by us using our targeted advertising cookies may be associated with your account, for example, we may try to show more closely targeted ads to you based on your browsing behavior.

The organization setting the cookie (either the third party or us) is responsible for obtaining consent.

5. Registered Guests

We may analyze online activities of registered guests across our website and online services by use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Where you have opted in to receive communications from us, we may use cookies and other tracking technologies to tailor future communications to reflect your interests.

We may also use cookies or other tracking technologies within our communications to you (for example to see if they have been read or opened or to see what content you interact with and what links you follow) so that we can better match future communications to your interests.

You may opt out at any time from receiving targeted communications from us by logging into your account and selecting not to receive marketing communications. To opt out of targeted ads based on your online behavior across this and other websites, please follow the instructions provided above (for targeted advertising).

We will not share your contact information with our third-party advertisers unless you give us permission.

6. Disabling/Enabling Cookies Through Your Browser

There are a number of ways for you to manage cookies and other tracking technologies. Through your browser settings, you can accept or decline cookies or set your browser to prompt you before accepting a cookie from the websites you visit. You should be aware that you may not be able to use all our interactive features if you set your browser to disable cookies entirely.

If you use different computers in different locations, you will need to ensure that each browser is adjusted to suit your preferences.

You can delete any cookies that have been installed in the cookie folder of your browser. The various browsers provide different procedures to manage your settings. You can copy and paste any of the browser links below for instructions.

To delete Flash Cookies, using Google Chrome, for example, click on “Settings,” then “Cookies and other site data” and indicate the cookies you want deleted or blocked.

If you are not using any of these browsers, you should select “cookies” in the “Help” function for information on where to find your cookie folder.

It may not be possible for you to selectively opt out of all third-party advertising cookies placed on our website. You should also be aware that disabling cookies does not disable other types of analytics products which we may use to collect generic information about how you and other visitors use our website.