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Offer Your Customers Gift Cards

A crucial aspect of every business is keeping its current customers happy while continually gaining new customers and increasing sales. We understand the unique challenges of competing with larger retailers and specializing in providing customized payment solutions designed to increase customers.

Gift card programs for small businesses help to boost sales by not only bringing in new customers but also by increasing each sale’s total and encouraging repeat visits. They are also a cost-effective and affordable marketing medium for building brand loyalty.

Benefits of Merchant Gift Card Programs

We’ve partnered with Tender Card, a pioneer of gift card processing and loyalty programs, to offer the most cost-effective gift cards available, with quantities as low as 100 cards for smaller merchants who don’t require as many cards as national chains.

Gift Card Facts & Trends

As gift cards become increasingly more convenient, personalized, and sought after, retailers can expect to see a significant increase in gift card sales this year. And: