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Leading Services For High-Risk Accounts

Is your business having trouble getting approved for traditional merchant service accounts? Do you need a High-Risk Merchant Account? IFS offers a full suite of electronic payment solutions for all business types, including high-risk merchant service needs. We have high-risk merchant account offices across the US to help you with your needs.
High-risk merchants are those businesses that fall outside conventional categories, have an increased risk of fraud, a high turnover rate, or a high credit rate. They typically have a hard time being approved for credit card processing and are often declined when applying for merchant credit card service accounts. The “High-Risk Merchant” label makes it a real challenge for many honest and hard-working merchants to process credit card transactions resulting in reduced popularity, decreased customers, plummeting sales, and ultimately lost revenue. IFS understands that accepting electronic payments is as vital for survival to high-risk merchants as it is for every other business, and with our philosophy of “The customer comes first”, we have a solution that is right for you.

Just because your industry may be unconventional, doesn’t mean you should have to continually deal with the hassle of finding a credit card processor to work with. We offer merchant credit card services that specialize in High-Risk Merchant Accounts for the following industries:


Online Dating

Health and Beauty

Multi-level Marketing

Adult Entertainment



Business Opportunities

Tobacco/ Cigarette Products

Adult Web Sites

Online Firearm Sales

PPS can get your High-Risk merchant account approved in a quick and professional manner. When US domestic banks won’t accept a High-Risk Merchant, PPS has special partnerships with international banks overseas to set up an offshore merchant account with. PPS takes care of all your merchant service needs, customizing the best processing solution to fit your specific business requirements.

Stop getting frustrated

Stop getting frustrated and wasting your time with turn-downs. PPS allows your High-Risk business to enjoy the following benefits:


one of the nations’ oldest and largest merchant service providers in the industry


the highest level of data security with PCI compliant solutions

One Source Solution:

full-service merchant service provider to meet all your High-Risk electronic payment processing needs from credit card processing, check verification, conversion and guarantee, gift cards, and merchant cash advances.


In-house award-winning customer service and technical support are available 24/7/365 – meaning your business never has to experience downtime. Talk to a real live person anytime!


get pre-approved in 72 hours or less and processing within 8-14 days

Peace of Mind:

develop a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship and never have to search for and switch processors again